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03 June 2009 @ 02:44 am

I never thought that I'll be making an LJ account. I was very hesistant to make because I have already 10+ accounts here in the net. Maybe because of my eagerness to read more MAOTSUJUN fanfics finally I said to myself that I should make one. I suck in writing English!!! I swear! And a graduate of ACCOUNTANCY..??? OMG!! Don't expect to much! AC graduates here in the Philippines are not good in English. (Well probably not all but mostly!!!) We only knew..."What will be the current tax payable in 2008?", "How much will be the cost of the building?", "What is the total Accumulated Depreciation of the Machinery?", "Total Cash Shortage"....etc!!!
Well, I thank LSS!!! If I didn't join that forum, I'll not be force to speak and write in English. *laughs* It's really a nice 'training ground'. Now, I'm happy that I'm constantly improving.

I'm not really a fan of Journals and Diaries. I was once make it during my highschool years. Nah, but it contains only my everyday experience of having my first boyfriend. Yeah! It's like diligently writing everything and every feelings that I had during that time. Eventhough it didn't end well, reading it again made me laugh and I said to myself that...I really did love that guy. But I remember that I already throw that spare 'laboratory notebook' that I turned into my 'love diary'.

*no emoticons?*

I was thinking of a better topic. What things that I should blab about? Hmmmm....
---> Maybe talking about myself most of the time...
---> Feelings?
---> ????
Argh!!! I should think of a better one. I want this to be my 'secret' site... ??????????????

That's it!!!

*edit profile while singing "Though the Fire"*

>>>invite friends mode...

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